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Mr Kayode Akinsola

Founder and the Former Managing Partner
Dr. Kayode Akinsola is a Doctor of business laws, Polymath and a policy Consultant.
A graduate of law from the Nigerian Premier University in Ibadan, He was called to the Nigerian Bar to practice law to the Supreme Court. Kayode holds an LLM and PhD degrees from Charisma University at the British West Indies.
Dr. Akinsola equally attended Business School Netherlands, where he had his Executive MBA. He sits on the board of many blue chip companies in Africa, having served in many public corporations. He currently the President of Queens Group, a professional services conglomerate.
Kayode Akinsola is an associate Pastor at Jubilee Christian Church International, who is also a Law lecturer at the Chrisland University in Ogun State. He is a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultant; Business Diplomacy and financial management.
He is founding Partner Partner of the firm.

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